On 2/26/08, Matthew Gates <matthewg42@gmail.com> wrote:

I feel that we should make the following changes to the key bindings.

F1 should be for the help window.  This is standard for almost all apps on
most platforms.

I don't like the control-L key for the location window, and generally using
the control key for dialog shortcuts. I always liked to be able to toggle
the config window using 1 while keeping my other hand on the mouse.  I
think a control key combination is less comfortable.

Maybe the F keys would be good for dialogs?  Something like

F1 - help
F2 - config
F3 - search
F4 - display options
F5 - calendar / date
F11 - toggle full screen

I like most of the other bindings from 0.9.x.  What do you think?


From a windows user standpoint, that list makes a lot of sense.  F11 is a traditional fullscreen toggle.  Separating the window keys from the buttons on the keyboard like we do in the interface sounds logical.   

Some keystrokes don't work in the last svn version.  I noticed S doesn't toggle stars for instance.