Very nice colors! I am also quite interested to work on a new improved star rendering code. I think we should try to make the code work on any openGL implementations by default (i.e. without any extensions).
You probably noticed that all this code was moved to SkyDrawer. I think it is possible to make it quite fast because there is now 1 call to "prepareDraw" which initializes the openGL state before drawing stars and then multiple calls to drawPointSource or drawDiskSource.
I think we should also move into this class the methods to use to draw a planet or any 3D shape on which sun-light and eye adaptation applies (and probably merge it with drawDiskSource).
The big advantage of having all the sky rendering code into this class is that it will allow to improve the interaction between eye adapatation and the currently drawn objects.

On Sun, Feb 24, 2008 at 10:29 PM, Johannes Gajdosik <johannes.gajdosik@gmx.at> wrote:
I just wanted to give some results of my experiments of star rendering.
In this example I use a fragment program, but the same result could
also be achieved with multitexturing and blending.


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