Someone interested?

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From: Thomas Jacobson <>
Date: Sep 20, 2007 4:09 AM
Subject: Stellarium for the OLPC XO...


Last week I gave a talk on networking and satellites to the MIT One Laptop Per Child group. (see, for gossip, and for some videos) The night before I had been laying under the clear dark sky at my cabin in Wisconsin, and it occurred to me that somebody ought to port Stellarium to the OLPC XO laptop. No doubt somebody like would tell you how important it would be to children in the developing world.  I suggested this to several OLPC folks, and everyone agreed... it was an excellent idea, but they are totally swamped just getting the XO out the door with the basic functionally.

The display on the OLPC is outstanding... and there may be some nifty tricks you could do to leverage its very high contrast high resolution screen...  I would bet that if someone in the Stellarium developer community were to offer to undertake a port, that the OLPC folks would supply an XO or two to do it on...

I think the OLPC website has information on how to propose such a project.

Good luck!

Thomas Jacobson