Actually, I was thinking of adding a feature like that. I wanted to add in the config file the possibility to set the texture image name and text to use for the splash screen.
The reason is that I wanted to use a different logo for VirGO (which is packaged together with stellarium).
I agree that some people could use that for by-passing stellarium's credits but well, as Matthew said they can do it anyway.

On 9/18/07, Matthew Gates <> wrote:
On Tuesday 18 September 2007, Johannes Gajdosik wrote:
> I suspect nastiness: they do not mind showing the mirrordome warping
> logo,
> (DomeMaster or so, I have seen it in Bratislava),
> but they do not want our logo. For us it is good that the audience
> sees that stellarium is running, and not some other program.

If they are even slightly non-lazy, they can simply change the source and
rebuild to do this anyway.

> So my suggestion is: keep our logo during startup, but disable it
> while the program is running (when changing sky culture).

I think this is now the case in SVN HEAD.  In 0.9.0 the loadingbar appeared
when changing sky cultures, but it seems someone has changed that, which is


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