Hi Nigel,

On 7/19/07, Nigel Kerr <nigel.kerr@gmail.com> wrote:
good folk,

I just submitted a pair of patches against r2364: they patch the
CMakeLists.txt files in the HelloStelModuel and StellaGui such that
they make without intervention on macosx.  the second patch against
the main source calls the suffix of a macosx module library ".dylib",
and a minor mmap issue.

I applied them thanks!

the EsoViewer, does anyone care for it on the mac?  it has some
additional dependencies i haven't gotten the gumption yet to fetch...

I would like to try to make it work for mac next week so any help is of course welcome. The thing is that right now, the main features can only be used from inside the ESO's local network, although it will change after the first official release. Also the DSS background feature is really really slow because it uses FITS images which are very large, so we first have to convert all DSS image to jpeg on ESO's servers before release.


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