On 7/11/07, Nigel Kerr <nigel.kerr@gmail.com> wrote:
as a very belated note on this thread of StellaGui: i've managed to
get both HelloStelModule and StellaGui to compile, link, load, and
run, here by the mac.

it took a few readings of the mac's gcc and ld man pages to get there.
cmake doesn't quite do the right thing for what is needed.  i'd like
to be able to amend the CMakeFiles.txt at the top level of each module
to address it, but that will be for another day.  a linker option
needs to be added (apple-specific, probably unknown to cmake yet,
"-undefined dynamic_lookup"), and at times additional frameworks

Well done.  It is good to know that at  least it seems doable! If you think that modifying the CMakeFiles.txt would make everything work, it is just perfect :)

currently the StellaGui (r2344):

1. even the 0.9.1 i'm running, that normally starts in fullscreen just
fine, starts in a funny full-screen: the splash takes the full screen,
but the main window only takes about 900x700 of screen real estate,
even though a screen shot thinks it has the full 1024x768.  toggling
out and back into full screen seems to get us into the right mode

I made some changes on the main stellarium trunk, do you have a similar behaviour without the module loading?

2. i can get the prefpane to come up with right-click, and the qt-ish
buttons at the extreme lower left appear and work.