On 5/31/07, Johannes Gajdosik <johannes.gajdosik@gmx.at> wrote:
This time I agree. There is no point in making an SDL release,
except that I personally like it better. SDL version has been
declared dead. Rather proper testing than a release without window$.

OK, in this case we can work right now on removing the boost thread and filesystem dependencies and force a dependency on QT even for version 0.9.0.
If Johannes you agree with that, I think everybody else agree, so we can go on right now.

Also I remember the complaining of the mac-users when there was no mac-release for 0.8.0.
The same, but only 20 times as much, is about to happen with a non-windows release.
Well, perhaps we should try it, just to see what happens.

I already did that in the past, and just mentioned that windows release will follow in the new item and it was fine..