Hi Mark
I think what you ask would be a nice project for somone to develop but I think it is outside the scope of the present development program. However what can already be done is:-
1. Tracking a dobsonian like you suggest can be done now by fitting an Argo Navis system to the Dobsonian. There is an Argo Navis driver in the current version that will track the telescope position ( it must be aligned first of course) and allow you to push the scope to any object nominated on the stellarium screen where it can be kept centered with the centering button.
2. This can be done by using the centering button to centre the object being observed. The zoom feature will follow this centering.
3. The normal view on the screen is from a horizon view which is how you will view with the Dobsonian where up is up and azimuth rotation will be like the compass marks. To get a "telescope" view you will need to set the oculars so that the focal lengths/FOV of the telescope and eyepiece corresponds to your setup and the view is set to mirror what is happening in your scope by setting the v and h flipping parameters to suit what you see.
Finally I think the Argo Navis does have some indication on which way to push to centre the object.

Barry Gerdes
Beaumont Hills Observatory
S 33' 41' 44"    E 150' 56' 32"

> Date: Sun, 28 Feb 2010 10:06:04 -0800
> From: haunma@keteu.org
> To: stellarium-pubdevel@lists.sourceforge.net
> Subject: [Stellarium-pubdevel] Stellarium as a heads-up finderscope replacement?
> Hi stellarium devs,
> I would like to turn Stellarium into a virtual finderscope for my
> Dobsonian. Picture a lightweight netbook or tablet computer, suitably
> dimmed and filtered, mounted on the secondary cage next to the
> eyepiece. My current finder weights almost 1 kg so replacing it with a
> computer is quite reasonable. I think I need the following to make
> this work, at a minimum:
> 1) An outboard telescope server to read the scope encoders, guide the
> user through a 3-star alignment procedure, and send periodic RA/Dec
> updates to Stellarium. I'm hoping this would be the lion's
> share of the work. According to the telescope control docs, I should be
> able to do this, and just ignore "goto" commands because I have no drive
> system. Right?
> 2) A mode wherein Stellarium pans the view to keep the current
> telescope position centered in the middle of the screen, while still
> permitting zoom, use of oculars, etc.
> 3) Arbitrary field rotation of the Stellarium view, to keep "up"
> pointed in the right direction as the computer screen rides on the end
> of an alt-az mount which may be pointed anywhere in the sky.
> After that, I would implement computer-assisted object finding
> via an arrow drawn on the screen border (which way do I push to find
> what I'm looking for). Ultimately I envision a touch-driven
> UI and tight integration with an electronic version of Kepple
> & Sanner (Night Sky Observers Guide). Hey, I can dream, right?
> I'm guessing #3 and maybe #2 could be handled from within a new
> plugin. Before I dive into this, though, I'd like your opinions. Has
> this use case been contemplated before? Any complications that I
> should be aware of?
> Thanks,
> Mark
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