Hi Fabien
At Windows build 5274 Stellarium builds OK and appears to run correctly.
The problems that have been in existance for some time now are with the plugins.
1. The Ocular module has not worked since about build 5057.
2. The telescope control has not worked since its structure was changed about two weeks ago
3. The Satellite module will not unload without crashing Stellarium.
The Virgo module does not compile in Windows but that problem has always been there. I can't seem to get all the dependancies.
I gather that most of these items are OK in Linux or Mac as the maintainers have made no other changes. 

Barry Gerdes
Beaumont Hills Observatory
S 33' 41' 44"    E 150' 56' 32"
12" F10 GPS Polar mounted
Home Page  http://www.geocities.com/barrykgerdes


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