I am composer based in England, UK, and am currentlyworking on a new sound installation, entitled aroundNorth, and based on a sonification of the apparent movement of the stars around celestial north pole.  Fabien Chéreau suggested that I leave an email on the the developers mailing list to see if anyone might be interested in lending me a hand with this project, hence this email.   The plan is that the finished audio piece will tour (to Dark Sky events for outside performances) and there are also plans for a permanent installation at the Armagh Observatory, in Northern Ireland.

The basic idea for the piece is for the rotating stars to act as a sort of music box (or carillon) as they move past various points on their way around the polar star.  Depending on where they cross my sensor lines a different musical note will sound that corresponds to selected astronomical parameters, such as star size, brightness and distance from Earth, giving voice to the stars and our changing perspective of them as the Earth revolves on its axis.  Different stars will also sound in accordance with a harmonic translation of their spectra, and the whole piece will play in synchronisation with the rotation of the earth, thus hopefully making a very real connection between its listeners and the wider universe.  A short movie describing the concept can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/v/24kAfeBl0mo .

If anyone is interested in discussing this further, please do contact me.  I live in the South of England and so a local collaborator would be preferable; however, this is not strictly necessary....

I can be reached at robertjarvis@usa.net