The below message was sent to Fabien Chereau via his blog, regarding an error in Stellarium.  Please help!  Thanks.

Hello! I have found a discrepancy in Stellarium's representation of the Precession of Equinoxes. The Sun should be in the location in 25,722 years (or 25,920 if you go by older standards) from now. It is not -- it takes 26,500 years for that to manifest. Starry Night Pro has the same issue, although theirs is off by 4000+ (!!) years. My email address is, and I am the head of the Heaven and Earth blogspot. Please get back to me through either of those channels if you can; I found your blog here through the Stellarium website and was in need of someone to contact. Thanks for your help.

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Posted by Kairologic to Fabien Chéreau's blog at 12 December, 2012 21:39

~Brendan Bombaci