I think we should release before ending of this month's because we have new rendering engine and features related to him and this code enough stable for new release.

A possible shedule for release:
* 19-20 Jan 2013 - freeze trunk code, create a branch for fixing possible bugs and make a RC1 (Release Candidate 1). Translators can be begin translation of Stellarium (we have a many new lines for translation).
* 26-27 Jan 2013 - Make a second release candidate (RC2)
* 30-31 Jan 2013 - Make a release for version 0.12.0

Technically I can build binary files for Windows (both architectures) and source package for *nix (Linux/BSD). Binary packages for Linux (64-bit DEB/RPM) on request.

I cannot build a package for Mac OS X because I don't have a modern Mac.


With best regards, Alexander