2014-02-20 20:34 GMT+07:00 Fabien Chéreau <fabien.chereau@gmail.com>:
gettext and libiconv are not necesary anymore to build stellarium. I suppressed those dependencies to use Qt translate stuff instead.
gettext is required only to generate the .pot, but it's an external tool, and this doesn't need to be done on windows.

Yes, we shouldn't use translations-* solutions for MSVC.

I use Qt 5.2.1 (x86 + x64) + MSVC2012 (x86 + x64) for building windows-cleanup branch.

In 32-bit mode I catch fatal error for linker (troubles with linking of the archive management code parts).

In 64-bit mode I can build Stellarium (core, without plugins) + make an installer (I fixed the deployment issue for ANGLE libs). But when I try run it I catch of the follow error - class QWindowsEGLStaticContext *__cdecl QWindowsEGLStaticContext::create(void): Could not initialize egl display: error 12289

With best regards, Alexander