2014-05-04 7:06 GMT+07:00 Mihai Neacsu <mihai.mneacsu@gmail.com>:
Here are a few things that popped up regarding the add-on manager for
downloadable extras:

1. As you've mentioned, we'll need to work on Stellarium (local
application) to act as a client and to connect to the Stellarium
server in order to get the extras list (JSON), display it and further
install packages. What is the status of the current Stellarium server?
Will we use that server instance? My solution would be to provide a
REST API through something that scales very well with a high number of
connections such as Node.js [1]. That's just a thought, I'm all ears
if you're thinking of a different setup.

We didn't have implementation of server for add-on manager yet. Just few sketches.
2. On the client side, what else is there to work on besides the
add-on manager (the wizard that lists, performs installs, updates and
uninstalls). In the blueprint you mention some parts have been
implemented, can you think of anything else that needs to be created
in order to perform all the above mentioned actions? If you mention
them I'll look them up in the codebase and see how they work.

Technically our download manager for star catalogs and manager for manipulation for archives of the landscapes you can looked as part of add-on manager feature.

With best regards, Alexander