2014-03-11 0:52 GMT+07:00 Szenograph <office@marcelmarxer.li>:
i have a new landscape for your landsapes-wikipage, section Europe
i followed your neat guidlines to contribute, the only thing missing is to paste the code to

{{Package|image=http://marcelmarxer.li/publish/thumb3sisters.jpg|url=http://marcelmarxer.li/publish/3sisters.zip|name=Drei Schwestern, Fürstentum Liechtenstein|author=[http://www.marcelmarxer.li Marcel Marxer]|license=GNU GPL|compat=0.10.x|description=This landscape was taken from the the peak of Drei Schwestern, a mountain top in Liechtenstein. The view includes parts of Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria and beyond Lake Constance (Bodensee) even a piece of Germany. File size is about 2.2 MB.}}

it'd be awesome if someone with editing rights could include this lanscape on that page.
thanks in advance and enjoy the mayestic view from the Alps.

Thanks for contribution!

With best regards, Alexander