2013/4/15 Bogdan Marinov <daggerstab@gmail.com>
On Sun, Apr 14, 2013 at 4:43 PM, Alexander Wolf <alex.v.wolf@gmail.com> wrote:
> Release candidate of Stellarium version 0.12.1 is now available.
> New features: Caldwell catalog for nebulae, re-packed star catalogs
> (Hipparcos and Tycho-2), delta-T manager, star magnitude limit control and
> various small GUI changes. The release candidate has over 30 closed bugs in
> the core application and plugins.

Oh, crap, I didn't manage to do the things I wanted to do in the
trunk. :( This is what happens when one keeps postponing things.

How big the changes you want to make? 

With best regards, Alexander