Where did you read that information?  I'm not sure it's correct.

Seems to idicate that classes using OpenGL should extend one of the subclasses.  I see that StelModules extends QOpenGLFunctions, but, it does not provide all of the functions used.  I believe QOpenGLFunctions_1_2 does.

I've added QOpenGLFunctions_1_2 to the three plugins you list; please try to compile and see if that has any impact.

On Mon, Sep 30, 2013 at 4:18 PM, Alexander Wolf <alex.v.wolf@gmail.com> wrote:

I made some investigation to found source of troubles for linking Oculars, satellites and Telescope Control plugins on Windows with Qt5. In all those plugins has been used OpenGL functions like glColor3f(), glPopMatrix(), etc. which not safe for running now within Qt-app. We should write wrapper for those functions or add some black magic around QOpenGLFunctions_X_Y & QOpenGLContext.

With best regards, Alexander

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