Hello everyone, I'm new and very excited to be working on Stellarium!  I have an idea for my first activity.  

Right now, in the Sky and Viewing options "Sky" tab, there is a single slider for "Nebulas".  Not only is the term "Nebulas" a little misleading, I believe, but it isn't specific enough.  Many times when I use Stellarium there are moments where I only want the galaxies, or globulars, to have an icon over them.  The "Nebulas" slider turns on all deep-sky objects and it can be too overwhelming!

I'm firmly believe deep sky objects are awesome enough to warrent their own little sub-section of the "Sky" tab.   This section would include perhaps 4 different sliders: "Galaxies", "Globular Clusters", "Nebulas", and "Other".  This way, you have more control.

I also think that the sliders should be ticked and a label show their current value, because I'm not even sure what their value currently represents. (I assume apparent magnitude)

All in all, I think it'd be cool to enable this sort of thinking: "I want to see all the Globular clusters with at most an apparent magnitude of 5, and galaxies 4.8 because they're a little harder to see with my current set of binoculars." (or something like that)

Is this a good idea?