As I'm on vacation i'm trying to hack with a Wiimote (with motion plus gyro sensors), and I would like to do something similar to Skeye "pushto" for android (google for it if you don't know what i'm talking about).
I already had some results:
However it still misses lots of stuff (for instance, equatorial mount support and coordinates translation).
At the moment i'm using StelMovementMgr::panView to make stellarium follow wiimote.
I was also trying moveToJ2000, translating AltAz coordinates with StelCore::altAzToJ2000, but as these methods are not well documented i'm stuck at understanding what paramters do they accept (Vector3, meaning Alt, Az and....? also, it's radians? deg?)

I was also wandering if you have other more generic suggestions to make it better.
For instance, i was also thinking about having instead a new Sky Object "Wiimote"; moving the real wiimote will move the "virtual" wiimote on stellarium. This way users can center it to follow its movements, or just centering another object and seeing the wiimote getting closer to it for aiming.
Problem is, i don't actually know where to start...

Thank you