My current objective are adding star names to unnamed stars on stellarium. After exploring stellarium stars .cat files and trying to convert it using /util/ConvertCatToNative i notice that file format are still in hex. I never handles hex files before.... I'm trying to understands it, but probably wrong. From what I read here: (Appendix E: Starts Catalog) 

table E-10 on above document.
column name: hip, offset: 0, siz:3, description: hipparcos catalogue number

Implies that the first 3 byte on are hipparcos catalog number, but I don't know which one (signed/unsigned int 8/16/32/64) my guess is the unsigned 16 bit. (btw, I'm using Bless Hex Editor to read the file).

Could anyone give me pointer of how to read and edit the star catalog? such as where the record of a star ended and which table (at the document above), what files do I have to pay attention to, how to add or edit a star name etc? 

Thank you.

Ammar Shadiq