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On Thu, May 22, 2014 at 11:41 AM, Guillaume Chereau <guillaume.chereau@gmail.com> wrote:

The compilation of stellarium is broken with the new release of Qt (Qt
5.3) due to a change of API in QOpenglFunctions class.

I consider this a regression of Qt, and I filled a bug report:

That being said, I tried the Windows ANGLE version of Qt, and it seems
to work fine, at least on my Windows 7 machine.

If we only use OpenGL ES 2 API, and compile with ANGLE on Windows, we
don't need to use the QOpenglFunctions class at all, and I feel that it
would actually be the easiest solution.  I created a branch to work on
that: lp:~guillaume.chereau/stellarium/angle-opengl

In the core of Stellarium there is only one opengl call that is not
Opengl ES 2 compatible: in the PlanetShadows module.  I think it would
be trivial to change the code a bit to make it OpenGL ES 2 compliant.
Yes there is some work to be done on this code.. Also there was a patch that we reverted some month ago because it was very slow and used non standard opengl calls. It would really be necessary to re-work that.

More precisely, it was in commit 6589 that Jörg de-activated planet shaow code, but it's at runtime only, so the non openglES2 calls remain.

There are also a few plugins that won't compile with OpenGL ES 2 but I
also think the work needed to make them work with ES 2 would be easier
than the work needed to make Stellarium work with Openg GL Desktop on

What do you think?

Fine for me, but I'm a bit concerned with side effects on some pateforms... For the const problem, it's also possible to create a local instance of QOpenGLFunctions.




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