Yes, it's because of a recent change. I'll fix it ASAP. In the mean time, compile in release mode, it will deactivate the assert.

On Fri, Oct 11, 2013 at 2:33 PM, Reaves, Timothy <> wrote:
Fabien, with the revision, on Mac, StelSphereGeometry.hpp:313 crashes the app.  This line is:
    virtual bool contains(const Vec3f &v) const {Q_ASSERT(d==0 || std::fabs(v.lengthSquared()-1.f)<0.000002f);return (v[0]*n[0]+v[1]*n[1]+v[2]*n[2]>=d);}

Alex is saying that on Linux, this does not happen.

The app crashes as soon as any action is taken: changing the time, activating the Oculars plugin, etc. Given the nature of the code change, I'm guessing it's the determination of which star?

Any ideas?

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