Hi Alex,

Just took 2 screenshots of the Installer, start up screen displays for a short time and hard to capture it, its about the same in the 1st screen of installer:

1st screen of the installer: http://shared1.hoshi.at/~allen/stellarium/0.12.0RC1win64Installer_1st.png
2nd screen of the installer: http://shared1.hoshi.at/~allen/stellarium/0.12.0RC1win64Installer_2nd.png

We can see the Stellarium logo on the two screens are different. I just dig former mails and find the 512x512 size logo could possibly be the better choice, for both the 1st screen of installer and the splash screen.

Best regards.

On Mon, Jan 21, 2013 at 1:03 PM, Alexander Wolf <alex.v.wolf@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello Allen, 

2013/1/21 Allen Zhong <zbl3041992@gmail.com>
The small picture in Windows installer and the icons are the new ones, but the lager side bar picture at the first screen of installer, and the start up screen are still the old ones. If I didn't misremembering, I think there are new logo pictures for those usage.
I'm using the 64bit installer under Windows 8.

Please give me screenshot

With best regards, Alexander

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