I didn't mean to send that. Specifically, StelPainter is doing things like

		glTexCoordPointer(texCoordArray.size, texCoordArray.type, 0, texCoordArray.pointer);

Which won't work at all in ES 2, as everything even mildly fixed-function has been dropped completely. That whole chunk of that function is a mix of things like that and more modern-looking code.

On Tue, Apr 17, 2012 at 5:39 PM, Brady Brenot <brady@brenot.ca> wrote:
Since merging with trunk, I can no longer build with OpenGL ES 2. I've had to change it to not include GLee.h if we're in ES2 (with no problems whatsoever? Why are we including GLee.h?), and now I'm looking at some of the new rendering code (the cloud stuff?) that's using a mix of old and new OpenGL