Dear  all,

I'm working with the Observability plugin and it is now a bit more complete. The algorithm to solve for the Moon and planets "observability" is almost finished.

Now, the "only" remaining problem that I still have is to access the planets ephemeris (i.e., to obtain planets positions for any given Julian date). 

As far as I understand from the code, the functions like "computePosition", update directly the planets data, but don't return the actual positions. Hence, I was thinking of creating a new planet class that inherits from the original one and implements such a thing. Then, the plugin would create an instance of this new class from the currently selected planet. Do you think that there is a better approach do obtain any planet position at any Julian Date, without updating the actual planet position?

I have also taken a look to the "Orbit" data, but I would need the dates to run from Jan 1 to Dec 31 (of current simulation year), so I can't take advantage from it.

Thank you all in advance for your kind help!