Hi Alex

Where is the sound
Without the sound Ver 0.13.0 is no improvement on ver 0.12.4


Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2014 15:13:14 +0700
From: alex.v.wolf@gmail.com
To: stellarium-pubdevel@lists.sourceforge.net
Subject: [Stellarium-pubdevel] Stellarium 0.13.0

Howdy all!

I think Stellarium is ready to release - trunk has over 110 fixed bugs and many other changes already. I plan publish the first release candidate today and final release around 20 july.

Version 0.13.1 should be release around september-october or later as version 0.14.0 if we will be having many changes.

I can and ready publish source code for various operating systems (Linux/BSD/Solaric/etc.) + binary packages for Windows (32-bit only, because 64-bit has serious problems with catalogs) and OS X (64-bit; for 10.7+). 

OS X package is required digital signature and we should make it - Guillaume, are you can make it still? Should I send to you Stellarium.app for signature?

P.S. I will send email to translators and now we shouldn't merge the branches, which will be introduce new lines for translation before release was made.

With best regards, Alexander

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