fails to run (Clean install)
Acer 5560 laptop ATI 6520g graphics
log file stops at "
StelPainter: initGLShaders()... done
qrc:/qml/main.qml:3:1: module "Qt.labs.shaders" is not installed

My compilation of 6414 runs OK but the log file shows
Creating GUI ...
"file not found: modules/Novae/libNovae.dll"
"file not found: modules/Supernovae/libSupernovae.dll"
"file not found: modules/Pulsars/libPulsars.dll"
"file not found: modules/Exoplanets/libExoplanets.dll"
"file not found: modules/SolarSystemEditor/libSolarSystemEditor.dll"
"file not found: modules/Oculars/libOculars.dll"
"file not found: modules/Quasars/libQuasars.dll"
"file not found: modules/Satellites/libSatellites.dll"
"file not found: modules/TelescopeControl/libTelescopeControl.dll"
Loaded plugin  "AngleMeasure" .

However the plugins seem to work OK
I have sound compiled but there is no sound from scripts.
There is no symbol for the moon, jupiter, saturn at wide field however
the texture displays OK when zoomed in