Hi Mike, Fabien,
Further to this, I tried replacing the shader file with a basic one with just the lines:
void main()
 gl_Position = ftransform();
which I understand to be about the minimum that it can be.
On the one hand, Stellarium does not crash when it starts and it appears to compile and link the shader.
On the other, when Stellarium starts, the atmosphere view seems to be all or nothing - it seems to depend on where on the screen the horizon is (I am using perspective view) and is either all white or black with no stars visible, and an occasional white bar along the top right of the screen
The fps now seems to be about what I normally get - 15-20
If I make the shader file anything less than that above the system loads but is very slow - 2-3 fps...
Hope this helps!

From: Steve Ingamells [mailto:steve.ingamells@tesco.net]
Sent: Sunday, June 21, 2009 7:32 PM
To: 'Stellarium developers public mailing list'
Subject: [Stellarium-pubdevel] ***SPAM(-1.4)*** RE: ***SPAM(-1.4)*** RE:Shader fortone conversion

Hi Mike,
I edited the Atmosphere constructor in stellarium\src\modules\Atmosphere.cpp as follows:
Atmosphere::Atmosphere(void) :viewport(0,0,0,0),skyResolutionY(44), posGrid(NULL), colorGrid(NULL), indices(NULL),
        averageLuminance(0.f), eclipseFactor(1.), lightPollutionLuminance(0), useShader(false)
 if (GLEE_VERSION_2_0)

 // turn off shaders completely

 if (useShader)
  qDebug() << "Use vertex shader for atmosphere rendering.";
  QString filePath;
which ensures that it will disable shaders even if the OpenGL version is 2.
I suppose there may be a way to disable OpenGL 2 support in the graphics drivers but I don't know of one. Or it may be possible to create a shader file that does absolutely nothing (about which I have absolutely no idea), which would at least mean no messing about with the innards of Stellarium!
Hope this helps.

From: Lone Hiker [mailto:lone_hiker@hotmail.com]
Sent: Sunday, June 21, 2009 2:57 AM
To: stellarium-pubdevel@lists.sourceforge.net
Subject: Re: [Stellarium-pubdevel] ***SPAM(-1.4)*** RE: Shader fortone conversion

Hi Steve,

Exactly how do you disable shaders when compiling? Where does the 'useShader=false' flag go?

I'm having a different issue with the shader when trying to change the night sky color and I'd like to disable it until Fabien or someone else can address my post.


> From: steve.ingamells@tesco.net
> To: stellarium-pubdevel@lists.sourceforge.net
> Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2009 18:59:18 +0100
> Subject: [Stellarium-pubdevel] ***SPAM(-1.4)*** RE: Shader for tone conversion
> Hi Fabien,
> I have just got back into Stellarium stuff and built revision 4705 for
> Windows (XP Pro SP3) and although my laptop's graphics card claims to be
> OpenGL 2.0 compliant, it crashes on startup just after logging that it will
> use shaders. Recompiling with useShader=false makes it work fine.
> Hardware is a Dell latitude D810 with ATI Radeon 300X (64MB). I have the
> latest drivers from Dell. I don't have any other supposedly OpenGL-2.0
> hardware with which to test, unfortunately.
> If there's any further info that would help, please let me know.
> Best regards,
> Steve Ingamells

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