Google webmaster tool is fine. I don't mind using analytics as well if we can use the info to improve the program or website.

On Jun 26, 2011 11:28 AM, "Matthew Gates" <> wrote:
> On 26 June 2011 01:39, Bogdan Marinov <> wrote:
>> Have they announced this or something just looks broken or missing on our side?
> If you look at the project stats (for website access) on their site it
> says they discontinued it and only historical data is available.
> Regarding the piwik suggestion... I just installed piwik on my own
> site - looks like it does something similar to google analytics. I'll
> need to let it run for a while before I'm convinced it's a good
> replacement.
> On the positive side we don't have to let google handle all our data
> if we use piwik, and can still get some interesting info out of it.
> On the negative side, it calls a javascript which triggers an insert
> into a mysql database. The database we would use would probably be on
> the sourceforge servers (like the wiki database)... My feeling is
> that this would make our regular non-wiki pages slow down when
> sourceforge's database servers are slow (which I think is the reason
> the wiki is frequently slow).
> Google webmaster tools provides information which piwik & google
> analytics doesn't (telling us things like which sites google knows
> about which refer to our site, even if the browser doesn't fill in the
> referrer value as happens with some re-directs, or if nobody is
> clicking those links). I'd still like to use this, even if we use
> piwik over google analytics.
> Matthew
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