On Tue, Jun 22, 2010 at 14:32, Peter Mousley <scrupeus@mousley.com.au> wrote:
On 22/06/2010 20:16, Fabien Chéreau wrote:
> Before deciding whether to merge or not in trunk, I would really like
> to see an alternative Qt based solution, not involving win32 API. I
> just played a bit with the QImage/QPixmap idea, and it works more or
> less, although it's a bit slow. See the attached 10 lines patch.
> Fabien

When you said "it's a bit slow", I thought, "oh, probably drops a couple
FPS."  Two minutes later, I still didn't have any text, no toolbar, no
infobar, no dialogues...  Did have some stars though!

Seems more like a failure!
Switched to GL1 and it runs, but FPS is about 1/3 drawing directly.  I
removed the class constructions out of the last two lines (why are they
needed?) and got about 2 FPS improvement (yawn...).  Note: You also need
to move the text up by rect.y() in drawPixmap to put the text just off
the top-right of the object.  Here's what I used:
        painter.drawText(-rect.x(), -rect.y(), str);
        qPainter->drawPixmap(0, rect.y(), tmp);

Thanks, it's better like that.

I don't think it's worth sending out at this stage - FPS is low and GL2
doesn't work for me, so probably won't for others.  (Keep in mind I'm
running a deliberately botched system to test these problems, but it
seems to match what others get - I'm sure it would run with GL2 if I got
my system back to normal.)

I'm using GL2 and it works just fine with my nvidia, the performance drop is not that high on my config. What do you mean by botched? I think I missed that probably in a previous email.
The performance can be greatly accelerated by using caching of the openGL textures or of the pixmaps. But before going further with optimizations it's important to see if it works at all, and apparently it doesn't for you.. Could you please investigate on that?