Perhaps you are ignorant of the Berne Convention.  If you live in a county that is a signatory to this treaty, then, yes, in fact, you are bound by US Copyright law.

On Tue, Sep 14, 2010 at 11:55 PM, Leo <> wrote:
Not only this is wrong, it's widely circulated myth. There's no such thing as "international law". You can't be put to jail or fined unless law in your jurisdiction say so. 
This true not only for civil disputes (copyright ) but also for serious crimes, like theft or murder. 
So, hold your examples of US law for those who are subject  to it. Law in Europe is very different. 

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On 15 בספט 2010, at 03:04, "Reaves, Timothy" <> wrote:

Copyright is international; not just US.

Yes, I know of the free version for the iPhone.  Read the reviews?  Compare that to the other three top Astronomy apps.

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