seems like there's a lot of interest about this, I just got a mail on Friday with the same question, this was my reply:

When the first dev kit came out, I did a very rough  implementation for stellarium, which would have needed a lot more fine tuning.

One of the biggest problems is to get it working with how projection works in stellarium. It has quite a few modes, but none of them really works with the Rift.

Another problem is that it looks nice as long as you don't use magnification. If you do that you soon realize that the sensors are not accurate enough for higher magnifications and also you can't really hold your head still enough.

Unfortunately I only borrowed a Rift for a limited time period, so I didn't even start the projection mode as it would have taken too long.

I don't know if I still have the code, as I'm currently not at home, but it's pretty much useless now as the whole rendering system of stellarium changed meanwhile, and so did the Rift SDK probably.


On 2014-09-01 at 09:27 Mike Sabatino wrote:
Hi, has there been any movement on Oculus Rift support? There was a thread from this time last year regarding a conversion but nothing since. Thanks-

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