I built the example 'out of the box' as it were and the StelDialog class is already called StelDialogExampleDialog here, so yes, it has been re-named from StelDialog to a custom name. I downloaded the package file by file from here, taking care to ensure everything was in the same directory structure (i.e. /, /src and /src/gui).
My XP virtual machine is at SP3 as well but I downloaded the Qt SDK which appears to contain version 4.7.0 of the Qt libraries. I have therefore upgraded Qt to Qt4.7.1 and recompiled both Stellarium and the Example Plugin. Just to be sure, I also cleared the CMake cache and downloaded the plugin GNU tarball and did a freash build. Unfortunately I still got the same problem.

I also updated the Stellarium source in Bazar (now at version 4867), cleared the CMake cache and re-compilled again but it made no difference.

I can also add that on Windows I have gettext 0.14.4, libiconv 1.9.2-1 and zlib 1.2.3.

To me this seems to have ruled out:

- Qt library version
- Example Plugin version
- Stellarium version

The only common item here appears to be Windows. I will go through the compile steps again on a real XP installation to rule out some odd behaviour due to running in a VM.

On 18/01/2011 13:30, Reaves, Timothy wrote:
For your StelDialog, have you renamed it something like MyPluginStelDialog, and insured your dialog subclasses this?

On 18/01/2011 17:52, Bogdan Marinov wrote:
On my Windows XP SP3, with Qt 4.7.1, I built ExampleDialog straight
out of the repository and it worked without a problem. I don't know
why it causes a crash on your system.