Hi Matthew,

thank you for trying my patch and I am pleased you liked the visual effect.

In addition to the visual effect the patch fixes some minor bugs. There was an issue with the initialization of the art intensity and in my opinion the too clumsy appearance of planet or moon halos when zoomed out. Before 0.9.0 one could see the crescent moon in blue daylight even at FOV = 60 deg. With the patch this should be possible again.

In StelSkyDrawer::postDrawSky3dModel there is special code for drawing the Sun's halo. Currently the test is

    if (mag<-15.f)    // supposed to be drawing the Sun

but when viewed from the Moon the Earth is also in that range of magnitude. That could lead to a halo effect of the Earth dependent on its brightness and changing abruptly near -15m. (Can be seen while zoomed out.) So we need an unambiguous test for the Sun as the current object. This is why I introduced the object parameter here:

    if (object == ssystem->getSun())

Build errors against revision 4885: I could not reproduce that. I built the release and debug versions without problems with the current revision (4885) and the patch applied. Maybe something with Qt? I use 4.5.2 currently. Or perhaps try rebuild alter a make clean if you haven't done already.


> Hi
> Andreas,
> I saw the patch and the effect is very nice. However, I am concerned
> about the addition of a Planet parameter to the
> StelSkyDrawer::postDrawSky3dModel. I know Fabien spend a lot of time
> to clean these drawing functions and separate out object specific
> stuff. I didnt try to understand this code, or your patch, so I can't
> say if it's necessary or possible to do it another way - I would
> rather Fabien takes a look at it and makes a suggestion as he knows
> this code so well.
> Less importantly,and probably easily fixable, I also get build errors
> against revision 4885: