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From: Bogdan Marinov [mailto:daggerstab@gmail.com]
Sent: Friday, November 02, 2012 10:55 AM
To: Stellarium developers public mailing list
Subject: [Stellarium-pubdevel] ShortcutLineEdit, the widget for setting shortcuts


Hello to all.

I have several issues with the current implementation of keyboard shortcuts customization (more on that later). I've already done some work on it trying to address them and fixing bugs.

I dislike the way shortcut editing works at the moment:
- on gaining focus, newly pressed keys are added to the end of the sequence. In all other similar GUI elements that I've seen, the current value is *replaced* after gaining focus.
- the "backspace" button is... strange. The symbol is the same one used in some desktop environments for "clear all the line edit's contents", and its positioning in most GUIs also suggests "clear all" or "reset to default". At the same time, the maximum possible length of a shortcut sequence is four combinations, so even in the worst case returning to replace a single combination doesn't save much more work than just clearing and re-entering the sequence.

What I'm going to do unless there are reasonable objections or counter-proposals:
- replace the "backspace" buttons with "clear" buttons
- add a "reset to defaults" button acting on both primary and alternate fields
- change the behavior, so the new combination is set while it's entered
- replace the "apply" button with "save settings"
- try to replace the static icon for the "backspace" buttons with text or a symbol (it's not night mode-d anyway)

I've been also working on adding a search/filter field, but there are some unexpected problems with it, so it may not appear yet.

Bogdan Marinov