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  • Arabian

    Arabian - 2008-07-31

    I'm a member in JAS (Jordanian Astronomical Society)
    and we would like to translate Stellarium to Arabic.
    I need your help in choosing the programming language in windows..
    or should I use Linux??
    Can I use visual studio ??
    And thanks a lot.

    • Matthew Gates

      Matthew Gates - 2008-07-31


      Translations are done using the web site. You can sign up for a free account there, and then go to this URL:

      If Arabic is not displayed right away, click the "View Template & All Languages..." link, and you should see it.

      For Arabic I think there is some more work than just translating the text - we have some font rendering problems which need to be sorted out before it will work 100%. There are some technical problem which we are not sure how to overcome.

      We would like to move to using the QT font rendering system, but we cannot because of some limitations it has (something to do with sub-pixel rendering). If you would like to discuss that, please join and post to the stellarium-pubdevel mailing list. I would go into more detail, but I have not personally looked at the details - Fabien is the one who knows most about that.

      What environment you use to examine and edit source code is up to you, although I don't think it is easy to configure Visual Studio to do the actual building - you would still probably need to use MSYS on Windows. We did have a set of Visual Studio build instructions which worked a long time ago, but they are very out of date and a lot has changed since then.

      If you can make VS work, please write a step-by-step how-to for the wiki - I know there are other people who would like to see that.

      Using Ubuntu is fairly straight forward, although you will need to fiddle about a bit to get the latest QT library version installed, which was released too recently to be in the main software repositories (so you need to use the partly broken one in the backports repo, or build from source).

      kdevelop is quite an OK development environment if you like big IDEs, or you can happily use your favourite text editor and build using the command line.


      • Muhannad Aulama

        Muhannad Aulama - 2008-07-31

        Thanks Matthew for your reply. I'm also interested in translating Stellarium to Arabic. At the moment, I can see Stellarium translated to Arabic in titles and constellation/planets names. However, arabic characters are displayed reversed -from left to right- like english although arabic is a right-to-left language. All my collegues reported same problem, how can we get this solved? this problem makes arabic translation useless.

        Another point, I'm interested in adding a new Arabic sky culture. In arabic astronomy, stars have arabic star names and some constellations are further divided into two or more pieces each with different name. I'm part of an astronomy club in my area and most of us are also C developers. Can you please help us in the start or just direct us to the way of doing this.

        Muhannad Aulama

    • Arabian

      Arabian - 2008-08-02

      Thanks Mattew,
      The translation done in launchpad is just for names and menus.
      We want to change the constellation shape as in the Arabic culture.
      That will need to change in the C program not only in the launchpad.
      How can we do that? or who can help us?
      I couldn't found stellarium-pubdevel mailing list, Can you show me how to contact them, please?
      I'd like to ask Fabien about more details. How can I contact him?
      Previous translated Stellarium 0.8 and 0.9, were it just names translation or full Arabic translation?
      Ahmad and Adel were doing that, how can I get their help?
      Also the language direction problem, was it solved in the previous versions? If yes,how?
      Because nothing can be done with the Arabic version if that is not solved.
      Does it depend on the programming language?
      Do other translated programs in sourceforge have the same problem?


      • András Mohari

        András Mohari - 2008-08-04

        To find the stellarium-pubdevel (-pubdevel, NOT -devel) mailing list, just click on "Mailing Lists" in the menu above. Or here is the URL:

        And you don't need to edit the code to add a new sky culture; just create a directory in the "skycultures" directory, and add the proper files. See the "Sky Cultures" section in the Stellarium User Guide:

        Manually creating the constellations can be quite challenging, though: you have to find the HP catalogue number of the stars to connect. I don't know if there are any tools to do that. Maybe Matthew can help.

        About the former Arabic translators: have you tried to find the email addresses on or in the PO files?

        Oh, and previous versions of Stellarium do not support right-to-left text, IMHO. (But I have never checked it! Please someone correct me, if I'm wrong.)

    • Arabian

      Arabian - 2008-08-04

      Thank you Amohari,
      I found good information in stellarium-pubdevel,

      I didn't find the email addresses on

      Thanks a lot, I will see again.

    • Arabian

      Arabian - 2008-08-04

      Thank you Amohari,
      I found good information in stellarium-pubdevel,

      I didn't found the email addresses on

      Thanks a lot, I will see again.


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