Starlore and landscape translation

  • Anonymous - 2012-04-05


    There has been a lot of effort lately into making it possible to translate
    most parts of Stellarium, which is very nice. I'm especially thinking about
    the use in schools there it's good that pupils can learn the astronomical
    terms in their own language.

    The Launchpad system seems to work fine as there are an impressing long list
    of languages although some are only partially translated. But then it comes to
    translations of the Starlore and landscape descriptions there are only a few
    translations. I think it is so because translating and submitting this is
    cumbersome and it is very "hidden" too.

    I have translated some of the files, but I'm reluctant to do any more because:
    In the starlore descriptions there are many links, and link addresses can
    change from time to time. In those cases it is more likely that the original
    english descriptions will be updated after a while than the translated ones.
    And I much prefer an updated english description to an outdated in my own
    language. Although not so likely other parts of the original descriptions can
    be changed too.

    I don't have any in depth knowledge of how the Launchpad system works, but if
    it is possible I think it would be best if the mentioned descriptions could be
    translated in Launchpad to get many more translations. But then the actual
    HTML links cannot be in the translation text as they are now, only the text of
    the link. If other parts are modified in the original
    descriptions the Launchpad translation gets lost, but translators can just
    copy the old description from the program and do the modifications.

    Any thoughts about this?

    This link in the Maori and Inuit descriptions doesn't work anymore (and seems
    to have been wrong for the Maori?):">

    This could be a suitable replacement for the Maori link:


  • Alexander Wolf

    Alexander Wolf - 2012-04-05

    Starlores and landscapes translates not via launchpad. Those descriptions are
    just text files. We don't use Rosetta for this files, because she will be
    broke backward compatible for all starlores and landscapes.

    If you have a translations for starlores and landscapes then please send me
    archive and we include its into Stellarium in next release.

    P.S. Thanks for notes, I will check it


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