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  • Matthew Gates

    Matthew Gates - 2008-06-17

    Please can a Portuguese speaker help me with the Tupi constellation names? I've been working from auto-translated documents, so I am very uncertain about it.

    I need to come up with English names for the constellation names. In (round brackets) brackets is an indigenous Brazilian word. The [square bracket] are my guess at an English translation where I can even take a guess.

    Ema (Guira-nhandu) [White Ostrich]
    Homem Velho (Tuivae) [Old Man]
    Anta do Norte (Tapi'i) [?]
    Veado [?]
    Joykexo [?]
    Vespeiro (Eixu) [?]
    Queixada da Anta (Tapi'i rainhyka) [?]

    There's a useful-looking document here:



    • Tonyjeff

      Tonyjeff - 2008-09-07

      Hi Matthew;

      I'd be glad to help you translating the names to English – in fact, some of them are hard to understand even in my own language.

      Ema (Guira-nhandu) – Rhea (specie: American Rhea)
      Homem Velho (Tuivae) – Old Man (Hyades)
      Anta (Tapi'i) – Tapir (specie: Brazilian Tapir); acctualy, it is just Tapir, not "Northern Tapir"
      Veado (?) – Deer
      ? (Joykexo) – seems to represent a beautiful woman or the way of the dead (to the Underworld)
      Vespeiro (Eixu) – Wasp Nest (specie: Protonectarina sylveirae – Pleiades)
      Queixada da Anta (Tapi'ira Rendybiá) – Tapir Jaw (Large Magellanic Cloud)
      Porco-do-mato (Coxi Huguá) – Collared Peccary (Small Magellanic Cloud)
      Alma-de-gato (Tinguaçu) – Squirrel Cuckoo
      Caminho da Anta (Tapi’i Rape) – Tapir Way (Milk Way), also "Pó-de-estrela" (Yasytatá tubyra) – Stardust, and "Rio Celestial" (Paraña ybakapora) – Celestial River
      Cobra Grande (Mboyguasu) – Big Snake (Scorpius)
      Jaxy tatá – Constelation
      Kuaray – Sun
      Jaxi – Moon
      Nhanderu – Zenith (the main god)
      Jakaira – North (god of the fog and good winds)
      Karai – East (god of the fire)
      Nhamandu – South (god of the word, the time and space – to some, god of the Sun)
      Tupã – West (god of the water, the ocean, the rain, the thunder and the lightning)

      I may also produce some arts for the constelations, what about? Cheers.


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