Translation of website and software to Romanian

  • Alexandru Gheorghe

    Hi guys. I would like to start the translations of the website content from the trunk to Romanian. I will gladly do the translations whenever I get the chance and time of the software as well. Any insights in this later subject? (See below)

    How can one push back the results for the software translation? Is there a trunk for this as well? (Launchpad)

    Also is there anything to know about the licensing permissions and other details like such? (GPL and BSD for Launchpad - educational)

    I also hope to get some help from others since on the technical side I am not that good for the reason that I am very new to this field, however I requested for some help, so hopefully this will be covered nonetheless (not sure).

    Thank you very much for all the effort put in writing this software and giving it for free.

    Later edit: OK, just finished the translation for the website [ ].

    I will try to hook up on what is already in progress (or was in progress) for the software:

    Last edit: Alexandru Gheorghe 2014-01-01
    • Alexander Wolf

      Alexander Wolf - 2014-01-06

      Thanks for translation to Romanian and sorry for late answer. Your translation was successfully added to website -

  • Alexandru Gheorghe

    Hi. Thanks for your time nonetheless. I've made some quick updates.

    i. Updated some strings to fit in better with the context;

    ii. The language selection is "Romanian (ro)" this could be changed to "Română (ro)" to fit in with the rest in the context.

    That's it! Thank you.

    • Alexander Wolf

      Alexander Wolf - 2014-01-07

      Done! Thanks!


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