Arabic Sky Culture with star names only

  • Kajaji

    Kajaji - 2010-05-05

    I tested a sky culture with only a star names file, info.ini and a description
    file to display the star names in Arabic. No need to copy remaining files from
    Western sky culture. It is successful. Can that be added to Stellarium. It is
    extremely important for Arab users to see the star names in Arabic.

  • HHH

    HHH - 2010-05-10

    Hi kajaji
    plz check this link maybe you know somethig

    !!!!!the forum is closed so no downloads!!!!!!

  • Kajaji

    Kajaji - 2010-05-11

    Thanks Zouma
    Yes, that was a copy of my translation distribution, which first appeared in
    an astronomy forum in Saudi Arabia. This, along with the arabic star names
    distribution found their way to other astronomy forums in the arab world.
    The reception of the translation and Arabic star names was great. This is why
    I'm trying to convince the Stellarium development team to include an Arabic
    sky culture with Arabic star names with Stellarium to be available for all,
    rather than have an independent addition that will be known only to
    participants of those astronomy forums.

    The star names compilation was based mainly on the Al-Sufi book "Book of fixed
    stars" or "The images of the 48 constellations", in Arabic " Suwar Alkwakib al
    thamaniah wa al arbaeen". This book was written aroun 964 AD.

    I also added translations of the description of every sky culture in
    Stellarium. This will be available with the new release.

  • HHH

    HHH - 2010-05-12

    From photos..... it's a great work
    so i hope to be the first one from the stellarium forum to say thank you for a
    wonderful addition for this program.
    By the way do you know any links to download " Suwar Alkwakib al thamaniah wa
    al arbaeen" as pdf or jpg....i have the sufi book in pdf so difficult to read
    but the wonderful pictures are enough to me for the moment.
    Thanks again

  • Kajaji

    Kajaji - 2010-05-12

    Al-Sufi book was printed in 1981, but now I beleive it is not available in
    bookstore. You can find it in public libraries. In Saudi Arabia, you can find
    it in King Saud University library.

    The following link contains images of the wounderful colored illustartions of
    all the constellations from an old manuscript of Al-Sufi book:http://www.atla

    The following book in Arabic is available currently and it contains most of
    Al-Sufi images and some descriptions:
    أطلس النجوم للمؤلف عماد عبدالعزيز مجاهد

  • HHH

    HHH - 2010-05-13

    Tank you for your care


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