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Freeman Li
  • Freeman Li

    Freeman Li - 2008-11-10

    Dear Matthew,

    I have a problem in Chinese translation.
    I found if I change the program language to Taiwan by gui, it won't take any effect. But if i change the following statement in config.ini:

    app_locale = 中文、汉语、漢語 (Taiwan)
    sky_locale = system


    app_locale = zh_TW
    sky_locale = zh_TW

    then the program can show Chinese. ^-^
    But my question is if i change the program language back to English and then return to Chinese again by gui, then Chinese disappear again. It seems very inconvenient.

    Best regards,

    • Matthew Gates

      Matthew Gates - 2008-11-10

      It's a bug :-) I'll make sure there is a tracker item for it, and see if I can fix it.



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