Stellarium in hebrew

  • Lior_Y

    Lior_Y - 2007-09-04


    I've helped translate Stellarium to Hebrew, I've compiled the Mo file, but now I can't see it. I think it's a font problem but it seems that I don't have the right font or I'm placing it in the wrong place ( /data/). I've copied the TrueType Font to the /data/ directory and edited the default_config.ini file, but still no hebrew, just a lot of squares insted. Can anyone help me with this?

    • Muhannad Aulama

      Muhannad Aulama - 2008-09-06

      Hello Lior,

      I think you are talking about Stellarium 0.9.x. It's also showing reversed letters in Arabic in all Labels. It looks like a problem in all right to left languages. However, in Stellarium 0.10.0 beta it was solved for interface labels but not yet in sky labels. Hope it will be solved everywhere.


    • Matthew Gates

      Matthew Gates - 2007-09-04

      It sounds like a font problem. This link many be useful:

      If you fond a good free Hebrew font, please add a link to it to the wiki page as per the other fonts linked there.


      • Lior_Y

        Lior_Y - 2007-12-06

        I've read that article and it worked for Arab. When I've tried using one of Windows fonts, it didn't worked. Maybe I'm missing something here?

    • Lior_Y

      Lior_Y - 2008-09-06

      I've fixed the problem but now all the labels are backwards, rendering the translation useless.
      Can you help me with that?

      • András Mohari

        András Mohari - 2008-09-06

        All labels, or just the sky labels?

    • Lior_Y

      Lior_Y - 2008-09-06

      All labels.

  • Muhannad Aulama

    Muhannad Aulama - 2009-11-01

    Any updates on right-to-left languages problem?


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