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Translators: 0.10.0 is near

  • András Mohari

    András Mohari - 2008-09-05

    I wonder if any translator is reading this forum, but anyway...

    The release of Stellarium 0.10.0 is near; the 1st release candidate is expected before mid-September. Please try to update the translations as soon as possible.

    The translations can be found at:

    • Gia Shervashidze

      Georgian (ka) translation for 0.10.0 is ready
      Can i send it to You for uploading via SVN?
      Sorry, Launchpad is definitely not for me.

      Amazing soft, congrats,

      g.\ (Gia Shervashidze)

      P.S. i can send Georgian files for earlier 0.9x version also

    • Arabian

      Arabian - 2008-09-05

      We were waiting that for long time.
      We are working in it now for Arabic translation.
      I'm asking about the search tool, in 0.9.x I couldn't write in arabic. Is it possible in 0.10??

    • András Mohari

      András Mohari - 2008-09-06


      Well, I cannot read/write in Arabic, but I could paste in text from elsewhere, and it seemed fine to me. Whether typing in text works or not is beyond me. Sorry. It would be nice if someone who can type Arabic could try the develpoment version to see if it works.

      By the way, here is a screenshot showing Arabic text:

      Again, the text in the search field was pasted from The sky labels are still wrong, but labels in the interface look all right to me. And the last line in the information label seems to be messed up...

    • Muhannad Aulama

      Muhannad Aulama - 2008-09-06


      We started arabic translation and we will keep working on it. In Stellarium 0.9.0, I wasn't able to write in arabic in search tool nor I was to copy and paste arabic text. About the screenshot that you have included, is it for 0.10.0? If so how can we download the binary beta version for 0.10.0 to verfiy it?

      In the screen shot that you included, it looks like everything in arabic is perfect except sky lables, they are still reversed, I hope that this can be fixed, and finally I can get an arabic version of Stellarium.

      Thanks Andras for your efforts,

      • András Mohari

        András Mohari - 2008-09-06

        Yes, the screenshot is for 0.10.0, more exactly: revision 3586---the latest as of now. Someone (Matthew Gates?) has created a Windows binary for an older revision (3333), which can be found here:

    • Lior_Y

      Lior_Y - 2008-09-06

      The same problem appears with the Hebrew translation of Stellarium.
      I think the solution is simple: Adding a flag - RTL or LTR language, and when writing the labels checking the flag. If its LTR write the label as always. If the its RTL write the label backwards.

    • Muhannad Aulama

      Muhannad Aulama - 2008-09-06

      Thanks Andras,

      Would I expect a full arabised Stellarium 0.10.0 including sky labels?

      Thanks for fixing reversed arabic letters in interface labels.


    • Arabian

      Arabian - 2008-09-16


      To day is 16th of Sep.
      When will Stellarium 0.10.0 be released?


      • András Mohari

        András Mohari - 2008-09-18


        I don't really have a clue. Fabien wrote on the mailing list that it will be delayed a bit, and I would not like to guess.


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