Why is using version 0. ... ?

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2014-02-28

    Why is using version 0 after so many years?

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2014-03-02

    I don't know either I'm just a regular everyday user. I think it's pretty stupid too. All of us here refer to it as "Stellarium 12.4" anyway. Doofus programmers for you!

  • barrykgerdes

    barrykgerdes - 2014-03-03

    It is the way the numbering system works. The original target of version 1.0.0 as envisaged as such has not been reached. Many of the milestones were reached and many extras that were not on the target have been added but until all the project milestones have been met a version labelled as 1.0.0 cannot actually be issued.


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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2014-03-03

    Maybe it's time to revise the goals for sake of having a sane and logical numbering system.

  • barrykgerdes

    barrykgerdes - 2014-03-03

    If you look in the wiki page and click on the last entry "release Schedule" then at the top of the new page Click on "feature list spreadsheet" you will see the milestones for the release of version 1.0.0.

    Sourceforge fosters the program and this is the schedule. However some of the tasks that need to be completed are in Limbo because the assignee is not available and no one else has volunteered to do the job. So the rule is that the second and third figures 0.x.y are used as work is done in the project.

    It would have been nice if we could have signed off at version 0.12.4 as version 1.0.0 because the next version 0.13.x requires an almost complete rewrite of the program code and won't be released for some time.


    • Alexander Wolf

      Alexander Wolf - 2014-03-03

      Small note: 0.13.0 is not require an almost complete rewrite of the program code but some parts really need rewrite. Plus we near with goals for 1.0.0 :)

      Technically we should discuss version numbering in mail list and maybe change it. Can you prepare motivation for it and some plan?


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