v0.6.1 is ....... (!)

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    Hi Fabien, hi all,

    this is my 2nd post here.
    congratulations to v0.6.1 !!!
    imho v0.6.0 was not as good as 0.5.1 but the new version is superb!

    what i like most is:
    ground art/surface
    fps are better than ever
    version with/without athmosphere
    0.5.1 140/140 fps
    0.6.0 20/130 fps
    0.6.1 100/350 fps
    with 2200+ and 9700pro
    so the program is smoother and finer than ever!

    a hint to all that want a darker sky (like me): turn off athmosphere with the "a" key

    hint2: who likes a bit smaller stars: change star_scale in config.ini to 0.9 (for example)

    bug report: in the configuration window, date&time page, "westeuropische normalzeit" -> the letter is falsely drawn as a huge "d". the font doesnt support this letter. (we could write "ae" instaed)

    the constelation art is superb! congrats to johan!
    now we know how and why the constellations got their names... ;-) (still not logical to me, but very nice artwork guys!)

    hey and if we can choose from some constellationnames language files, that would be great.

    kind regards from
    isi, tirol/austria

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Stellarium is awesome now! I ran 5.x but the fps was very low on my machine (onboard graphics) but now it's much higher. Good work!



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