Translation - got stuck on four phrases

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hello, I almost completed czech translation of Stellarium, but there are four phrases I was unable to translate. Problem is, that I do not understand what is the meaning of those options - what they do. Can some help me with little bit of explanation?

    Preset Sky Time - I know what the Sky Time is, but what is Preset Sky Time in the context of Stellarium?

    Cursor Timeout - time after which the cusor disappears? Please confirm.

    N-S Centering Offset - what is this option for? I tried to change the value, but I saw no effect.

    E-W Centering Offset - same as previous.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks again, this is exactly what I need to know :). And thanks for the great software anyway.


    • András Mohari

      András Mohari - 2006-03-24


      Preset Sky Time -- I think it's the time used by the dome version of Stellarium at start-up. From the user's guide (Appendix A. Configuration File):

      preset_sky_time = preset sky time used by the dome version. Unit is Julian Day.

      sky_time_mode = set the start-up time mode, can be actual (start with current real world time), or Preset (start at time defined by preset_sky_time).)

      I hope it helps. I'm not sure about the others.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Ok, thanks for your help. I will try to get the meaning of "centering offsets" from the source code.


      • Rob Spearman

        Rob Spearman - 2006-03-24

        The preset time is if you want stellarium to start up to a particular date/time rather than real time.

        You are correct on cursor timeout.

        The centering offsets are going to be removed, so no need to translate.



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