Dalight Savings Time

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Found this program yesterday and was totally amazed! I noticed there wasn't a daylight savings time option. Just thought it would be a nice option.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I also notice that the program is displaying a time that is one hour earlier than it should be. For example, it's 4:20 PM here but Stellarium shows 3:20 PM. This is Windows XP SP 2. I have Windows set to automatically adjust for daylight savings time. Stellarium says "Using System Default Time Zone (Eastern Daylight Time)", but I think it's lying to me!

      This caused a problem for me last night before I realized the time was wrong. I wanted to go out and see Venus & Jupiter in the dusk sky. According to Stellarium, it looked like they would be visible at about 7:15 PM, but because the time was wrong, they were actually not visible for another hour!

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        This sticky problem is gone in the upcoming 0.7.0


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