Silveradogold - 2005-02-01

Hi Folks,
You might like the tinkering I've done for adding the asteroid Pallas. This is a kind of patch I figured out.

First save a unchanged copy of your messier.fab file; Put this copy in a safe place;
Paste this line into your Stellarium messier.fab file at the end so you can find it if this data does not work for you;

9973 00 12 43.1 -01 -27 7.6 5.0 0 Asteroid_Pallas_mag_7.6_02/22 m9990 NASA

Then copy the "halo.png" in your textures file to your desktop and rename it m9990.
Add this m9990 png back to the textures file.

This addition works fine for me and shows me a good position for Asteroid Pallas near the star Porrima in the constellation of Virgo on the date of Feb.22,2005;
Remember this addition does not track the asteroid actively; It only gives the position for the data entered;
Please post if you are successful with this;
Clear Skies --- Silveradogold