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Constellation art for Stellarium: sneak peek!

  • Johan Meuris

    Johan Meuris - 2004-09-08

    Whew, this took a while and a lot of work, but I managed to make a custom set of constellation drawings for Stellarium.
    They're a proposal, nothing's final.

    Get the drawings here (about 2MB) and extract them into your \Stellarium.0.6.0\textures\constellation-art\ directory:
    or an alternate version:

    And save this file into the \Stellarium.0.6.0\data\ directory:

    These are temporary, there is some work left to do, but have at it, and let me know what you think.

    Known problems:
    -the size of some textures.  Sometimes they're a bit too big.
    -Serpens and Ophiuchus are currently one drawing, so selecting Serpens when the option "selected constellation only" is on, won't show a drawing.  I haven't chopped the texture up, in other words.
    -the same thing for Carina, Puppis and Vela.  At the moment, they're one drawing, the original Argonavis.
    -I ran the png's through OptiPNG, but there's probably more that can be done about the filesize, I guess.
    -I'm tempted to add some grit and texture to the drawings, they look a little clean...

    Now it's up to you.  Did I miss a mythological fact?  Orientated a drawing the wrong way?

    • Fabien Chéreau

      Fabien Chéreau - 2004-09-10

      It's stuning!!! I definitly prefere the "blurry" version.

      Thank you a lot lot lot. I am sure every body will like that feature. There are also some improvement in the next version (made by Rob) : the art textures appears and disapears smoothly in the sky and it makes the experience even more impressive!

      The next version of stellarium will include all of this, and i will try to release as soon as possible.

      But before you have to give me the exact licence you want to use for your picts so that I can mention it in the credits.


    • Johan Meuris

      Johan Meuris - 2004-09-12

      Glad you like it!  Feels good to be part of the prettiest planetarium software in the world, and I hope these drawings put it even more ahead of the field.

      I'll update some of the drawings, I'm still finding flaws here and there, and I got rid of the noise texture on cetus, which was just playing around, basically.  I will let you know when I have the newer versions online.

      Thanks Rob, for the fade in and out.

      About the licence, I don't know much about common practice regarding this, but I know I want the drawings to be free for non-commercial use, and my name in the credits should they get distributed.

      Additional thoughts are always welcome.


    • Fabien Chéreau

      Fabien Chéreau - 2004-09-12

      Concerning the licence, something like this ( would be the best as it is Debian compliant i.e. your drawings can be included into the debian standard branch of stellarium.

      Stellarium is not in debian stable branch so far because there are some copyrights problems with some textures...

      I am trying to fix that currently.


      • Jeffrey C. Albro

        What textures do you have issues with?


    • Fabien Chéreau

      Fabien Chéreau - 2004-09-12

      Maybe something like this licence would be more apropriate


    • Olaf Noehring

      Olaf Noehring - 2004-09-17


      when I opened stellarium the first time last week I was impressed. When I saw the ursa-major I was stunned and "sad" that there were no other drawings - GREAT work you did here. Thanks a lot!


    • Rob Spearman

      Rob Spearman - 2004-10-05

      Excellent artwork!

      One question I've often wondered about: As queen of Ethiopia, shouldn't Cassiopeia look more African? Also her daughter Andromeda?

      • Johan Meuris

        Johan Meuris - 2004-10-08

        Hey, you're right Rob, I just went along with the flow of eurocentric representations. This calls for a patch!

        I surfed a bit, and while Aethiopia doesn't mean current Ethiopia, the Greeks referred to black Africa in general as Aethiopia, as aethiops literally means "burnt-face". Interesting.

    • Fabien Chéreau

      Fabien Chéreau - 2004-10-10

      I just changed a bit the code for the constellation art displaying and it is faster now.




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