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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    It would be great if you could see the distance in light years from the Earth to every star, constellation or planet, when you select one of them.

    • Silveradogold

      Silveradogold - 2005-03-22

      Hello folks,
      Check out this modification to the planet_names.eng.fab that I have tinkered with;
      This shows a small note for value of moon diameter;

      Sun Sun
      Mercury Mercury
      Venus Venus
      Earth Earth
      Moon Moon
      Mars Mars
      Deimos Deimos,12.6km
      Phobos Phobos,22.2km
      Jupiter Jupiter
      Io Io,1815km
      Europa Europa,1569km
      Ganymede Ganymede,2632km
      Callisto Callisto,2400km
      Saturn Saturn
      Titan Titan,5150km
      Rhea Rhea,1530km
      Tethys Tethys,1060km
      Neptune Neptune
      Uranus Uranus
      Pluto Pluto
      Charon Charon,1172km

      I have thought of other "small notes", but consider how easy it is to get away from the beauty of Stellarium's simplicity.
      Thus it may be better to follow the idea of "LESS IS MORE";

      Clear Skies --- Silveradogold


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